Overview of the PM Quest (01-Q01)

Theme 0: The PM Quest


The Overview of The Quest to Mastering Project Management.

The Overview is the first adventure in this extensive learning program, The Quest to Mastering Project Management. In this Overview, we provide the learners (adventures’ seekers) with an orientation and an overview of the PM Quest, its structure, and what is next.

We want to stress that the Overview is mostly an orientation session and we recommend that all adventure seekers start here.

To access this course, you have one of two options:

Option 1:
Free, via the SUKAD Website.
You will have to register on the SUKAD Website (www.sukad.com), then visit the PM Quest Home Page on the Learning Site, http://learning.sukad.com/quest-to-mastering-project-management. This way, you can complete the Overview, without purchasing anything.

Option 2:
You can purchase any course on the PM Quest Site, and we will add the Overview for Free so you can view it before you jump into any other adventure.

There are NO PDU or certificate of completion for this adventure since it is mostly an orientation rather than a course.


PDU/contact hours: None

  • The Overview of the PM Quest
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed