How to apply the PMBOK® Guide in the real world? (04-5.1.1-A)

Theme 5: Project Management Society → Journey 1: Schools of Thought → Track 1: General Project Management


There is no question about the value of the PMBOK® Guide. It is a global reference that is highly recognized. It documents the processes and knowledge foundation to manage a single project, or more appropriately, a phase/stage of a project. However, many, if not most of those who study this guide, they learn parts of it for the PMP® or other PMI certifications. Further, we would be willing to say, that the vast majority of courses on the PMBOK® Guide are designed to help people pass a certification exam. Therefore, there are gaps today, mostly due to vital misunderstanding parts of the guide. These gaps in learning have a direct impact on the practice of project management and projects’ performance.

The bottom line, if your objective is certification, fine, study the guide for that purpose. However, the SUKAD Way™ approach is different. Keep in mind that the whole idea behind launching the Quest for Mastering Project Management (PM Quest) is to help YOU master project management. Mastering project management requires know-how. You need the know-how-to-apply the knowledge in the real world and on real projects. This is why the PM Quest is a guided and interactive learning program.

Your project management coach is now ready to help you learn how to apply the PMBOK® Guide; are you ready?

Disclaimer: the design and delivery of this course are on the basis that you are already a PMI certificate holder, or at least familiar with the PMBOK Guide. The guide, on its own, is enormous. Further, the various topic addressed briefly in the guide are the topics covered in different universities for a full master degree. The intent, of these statements, is that it is impossible to deliver a reasonably short course that covers all of the topics in the necessary level of details. This course will introduce you to the knowledge areas, process groups, and processes and how to apply them in the real world. However, this is not an estimating, scheduling, risk management, course. We intend that in the future, we will be adding other classes on the various topics. Bottom line, this online course is to help you visualize how to apply the PMBOK Guide in the real world and on real projects. In-depth expertise, require further studies; this is why we have The Quest to Mastering Project Management.

PDU/contact hours: 35 Est. time to complet...: 22 to 44 hours Theme: Project Management Society Journey: Schools of Thought Track: General Project Management

  • Welcome Message
  • Goal 01: Introduction and Setting the Scene
  • Goal 02: What is the PMBOK Guide
  • Goal 03: General Concepts (and definitions)
  • Goal 04: Different Perspectives
  • Goal 05: Initiating a Phase
  • Goal 06: Phase Management Planning
  • Goal 07: Phase Detailed Planning
  • Goal 08: Executing Phase Work
  • Goal 09: Monitoring and Controlling Phase Work
  • Goal 10: Closing a Phase
  • Goal 11: Wrap-up and what is next?
  • Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 3 years