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How To Apply The PMBOK® Guide In The Real World? (04-5.1.1-A)

There is no question about the value of the PMBOK® Guide.

It is a global reference that is highly recognized.

It documents the processes and knowledge foundation to manage a single project, or more appropriately, a phase/stage of a project.

However, many, if not most of those who study this guide, they learn parts of it for the PMP® or other PMI certifications.

Further, we would be willing to say, that the vast majority of courses on the PMBOK® Guide are designed to help people pass a certification exam. Therefore, there are gaps today, mostly due to vital misunderstanding parts of the guide. These gaps in learning have a direct impact on the practice of project management and projects’ performance.

However, the SUKAD Way™ approach is different. We want to help YOU master project management. Mastering project management requires know-how. You need the know-how-to-apply the knowledge in the real world and on real projects.

Your project management coach is now ready to help you learn how to apply the PMBOK® Guide; are you ready?

PDU/contact hours: 40 Est. time to complet...: 25 to 55 hours Theme: Project Management Society Journey: Schools of Thought Track: General Project Management

  • Welcome Message
  • Goal 01: Introduction and Setting the Scene
  • Goal 02: What is the PMBOK Guide
  • Goal 03: General Concepts (and definitions)
  • Goal 04: Different Perspectives
  • Goal 05: Initiating a Phase
  • Goal 06: Phase Management Planning
  • Goal 07: Phase Detailed Planning
  • Goal 08: Executing Phase Work
  • Goal 09: Monitoring and Controlling Phase Work
  • Goal 10: Closing a Phase
  • Goal 11: Wrap-up and what is next?
  • Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years