Theme 1: Applied Project Management → Journey 1: Project-Based Learning → Track 2: Tailored Approach

Leading a (Personal) Project, Concept to Closure (05-1.1.2.A)

If you have a personal project or a private initiative, this learning adventure is for you!

There are two versions of this adventure, this one, a self-study option with essential support from the PM Coach, and another one that is the same content but includes up to 10 hours of one-on-one coaching by the PM Coach (it is a separate adventure on the PM Quest Platform).

Through this learning adventure, we are offering you an outstanding online program that blends self-study with coaching and support by a senior project manager with extensive global experience. Your ideal project should be a small personal project.

Through this program, we will help you learn a methodological, systematic approach, where you take YOUR project from concept-to-closure, step-by-step, stage-by-stage. We believe in this program so much to honestly claim, "If you plan to take only one project management course, in your career, then it must be this adventure!”

Are you still thinking?

What can we do to welcome you to the PM Quest Family?

Well, one thing that is easy to do, take a sneak peek into this course via this link:

PDU/contact hours: 62 Est. time to complet...: 42 to 84 hours for content; excluding pr... Theme: Applied Project Management Journey: Project Based Learning Track: Tailored Approach

  • Goal 01: Welcome to this adventure
  • Goal 02: Definitions
  • Goal 03: Project Management Infrastructure
  • Goal 04: CAMMP Overview
  • goal-05-across-the-stages-scorm12-oWGXElR6
  • Goal 06: Concept Stage
  • goal-07-feasibility-stage-scorm12-cAFSv0C3
  • Goal 08: The Four Dimensions of Project Success
  • Goal 09: Requirements Stage
  • Goal 10: Strategy Stage
  • Goal 11: Project Control
  • Goal 12: Risk Management
  • Goal 13: Definition Stage
  • Goal 14: Implementation Stage
  • Goal 15: Operational Readiness Stage
  • Goal 16: Initial Operations Stage
  • Goal 17: Close Stage
  • Goal 18: The Third Dimension
  • Goal 19: Closing the Adventure
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years